P-123: The Ultimate Parking App

Parking BOXX has over 75 years of parking industry experience, dealers throughout North America, and parking lot equipment in operation from Los Angeles to the Caribbean to Newfoundland. Parking BOXX systems reliably run sites with thousands of daily vehicles and millions in annual parking revenue.

Parking App: Payment

No download. Allow your users to quickly pay by space number or license plate number by selecting the desired parking time. Extend parking time for any existing session. View demos now!
Full-Featured Parking App:

• Match your existing parking rate structures – different rates for different times and days.
• Flat rate, day rate until lot close time, midnight or 24 hours.
• Offer parking rate discounts and coupon codes.
• Add a convenience fee.

Parking App: Card Renewal

For sites with RFID access cards that are renewed monthly, quarterly, annually, number of use or any other term, allow Parkers to create their own account and set up auto renewal in the P-123 parking app.

Parking App: Validation

For parking lots and garages that allow tenant, merchant or third-party parking validation, P-123 Validate offers web and handheld validation options. Enter the parker’s space number or license number, then select the validation time.

• Create individual validation accounts with itemized reporting.
• Optional printed receipts.
• Allow Parkers to purchase more time – beyond the validated parking period.

Parking App: Reservations

Ensure that Parkers plan in advance to park in your lot or garage. Define valid time periods, rules for overstays and manage lot capacity to maximize parking revenue.

Parking owners want parkers.
Parkers want convenience

By coupling the P-123 parking app with your Parking BOXX parking system, offer the ultimate in convenience and functionality. To accommodate all users, Parking owners accept cash, credit debit, TAP, and now even more Parkers want to pay with their phone. There are two types of phone payments. The first is where you TAP your phone (Apple Pay®, Google Wallet®, etc.) which is accepted by the hardware at the payment kiosk and the second is where Parkers use their mobile phone to go on-line and make a payment. The P-123 parking app bridges the gap to accept mobile parking payments.

Also the P-123 parking app offers Owners the option to incorporate web validation for tenants, nearby merchant and other third parties. For the web version there is no additional hardware cost. This is quick to deploy to multiple merchants who can validate at any time for only the options available to their validation account.

For owners who work with monthly card holders, in addition to renewing cards at the Pay BOXX, monthly card holders can also renew on-line or setup an auto renewal. This minimizes the need for owners to staff parking offices to manually complete such transactions. And, unlike staffed offices, those automated systems can be available 24/7 at no additional personnel costs.

Finally, the parking app for reservations allows parking owners to offer advanced purchase to parkers. Enhance your parking operations with the most flexible parking app.